Introduction to General Topology

The course is taught in English.


Concise lecture notes for the course are available. Note that they contain mistakes.


(Exercises are taught in Czech)

At the end of each lectur you will receive a handout with exercise problems for the next week. Students wishing to pass the final exam will need to actively participate in the exercises (the bare minimum is to present a solution to one of the exercise problems). If this were a problem for someone (e.g. overlapping schedule, ...), the requirement can also be satisfied by submitting a solution to one set of problems in writing.


Students registered for the lecture can download an electronic učebnici topologie. From the references below I heartily recommend R. Engelking. Unfortunately, the departmental library does not have him. The library of the Mathematical faculty (MFF UK) has a few copies as does the library of the Mathematical Institute (MÚ AVČR).